Today is the 1st of December and I'd planned to kick the month off with positive articles about tenants at Workspace - showcasing the amazing progress they've made despite of every challenge this year, their Christmas offers  and simply put a positive outlook on a truly unpleasant year. However, following a meeting today, I'm going to launch this mini-series of updates with a request for support for a local charity that we've worked with before.

It's fair to say that 2020 has been like no other year before it. Many businesses - big or small - have found the additional burdens of lockdown too much and have had to cease trading, some are temporarily closed whilst others have ceased permanently. The impact of closures is not just the loss of business, it creates ripples as businesses, people and families have to adjust to lower incomes or job losses.  

Which brings me to a local charity, Little Miracles. 

Like many charities, Little Miracles rely heavily on donations. And, it comes as no surprise that Christmas is a busy time of year for Little Miracles but this year they face the added stress of a drop in donations. In fact, a recent survey of UK charities suggested that in the next few months, donations may fall by up to £140m... a month!1

Despite the obvious challenges they face, Little Miracles has continued to support families that need their services. In fact, this Christmas they are trying to deliver as full a service as possible but need help. Normally they hold Christmas parties, visit pantomimes and even take children and families on trips. This year, restrictions have made most of their usual plans obsolete.

However, Santa has kindly agreed to help them and together they are trying to get Santa to visit as many vulnerable children as he can. To undertake this task requires a great deal of volunteers, support and assistance (not just financial). So if you're able to help them in any way possible, take a look at the link below to find out what and how you can help Little Miracles - even sharing the link on your social media and getting it out to as many people as possible will help.

Little Miracles Christmas Appeal | Localgiving

I've posted this article without involving Michelle and all the team at Little Miracles so if I have mis-quoted or made a mistake please accept my apologies and let me know. 



1 Yahoo Finance 29/11/20 Coronavirus: Charity donations drop by £140m a month (

you can find out more about Little Miracles here - 

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