Ready to move your business out of the spare room?


However you started your online business, whether it was a carefully calculated plan, the result of clearing out the garage (at the very start of lockdown), or a change in your working circumstances, it can quickly get out of hand and begin to take over the home and before too long every room in the house is being used to store things 'just for a while....'.

Now this isn't a bad thing - you must be doing something right if your ordering more, shipping more, selling more but there comes a point where you forget what your house looked like before you started and Amazon mix up your house with one of their warehouses!

This is when you need Workspace House, our facility in Woodston has everything you need to allow your business the space to grow and we do this in a hugely supportive, welcoming environment of like minded small business owners like you. Workspace House was created to support local people who were looking or had started small business and needed low-cost, flexible workspaces and some form of informal support. Our fully serviced offices and workspaces are provided on a rolling monthly contract (sometimes referred to as 'easy-in/easy-out') so you don't need to sign a long-term lease, we don't take hefty deposits up-front, we don't have hidden charges, sliding rates or any other unexpected charges - what we do have is pretty much everything you'll need to allow your business the opportunity to grow.



Before you even enter workspace you'll see one of the major attractions - double-height loading bays that are designed to receive large lorries. So when you start scaling up and have more and more stock, you can relax knowing that when it arrives it can be easily unloaded and moved to your own unit. but it's not just the loading bays that make Workspace ideal for your business. Almost all the units are on the ground floor, no need for stairs or lifts, simply unload and move it into your unit using our range of sack barrows, parcel trolleys and pallet trucks. Our corridors are wide enough to manoeuvre pallets and stock easily, they are also wide enough to allow social distancing with each of the 4 corridors being over 6ft in width. 


As Workspace is fully serviced you also benefit from the on-site staff who can manage your deliveries as they arrive so you don't even have to be here. All of this and much more makes Workspace House the obvious commercial location for your business. Pop over to the 'AVAILABLE SPACE' page to see what we currently have or just give us a call on 0770 4875871 to discuss what you need and arrange a time to come and look at just what makes us the perfect place for your business.

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