updated August 4th 2020


Please note that from August 8th 2020, ALL VISITORS to Workspace House will be required to wear facemasks. This decision has been taken following an update to the Government Guidance on wearing facemasks in public.

If, prior to your visit, you feel unwell and/or have any of the symptoms associated with covid/coronavirus please do not come to Workspace House.

For information on this announcement please see the link below.:




updated May 28th 2020


In order to make Workspace as safe as possible for our staff, tenants and visitors we have brought in guidelines for visitors to Workspace House.


If you have never been to Workspace House and need directions on how to find us, we suggest you use the website/app what3words as this will direct you straight to the correct entrance.

You can visit the website: or search for what3words on most apple/android phones. The unique three words to bring you to the entrance are:




At present, you are no longer able to enter Workspace via the entrance DOORS. Visitors can only enter Workspace House through the large loading bay shutter. This is safer for everyone as the entrance is over 3m wide and you do not need to touch any door or handle.




Our RECEPTION is located just inside the entrance, on the left hand side. If you do not know where you are going please ask the staff member at reception. They will instruct you where to go and any procedures you need to follow regarding social distance, hygiene, or any issues that might be in effect on the day of your visit.



HAND WASHING - Please wash your hands at any of the cleaning stations inside Workspace when you first enter. If you are unsure where these are, our staff will direct you or the tenant/company you are visiting can help you.

SOCIAL DISTANCING - The main walkway and corridors A,C, & D are all wide enough to allow safe social distancing. Please make every effort to remain 2m away from other people when moving around in these areas.

AREAS WHERE SOCIAL DISTANCING IS NOT POSSIBLE - There are areas where maintaining a 2m distance is not possible including CORRIDOR B, the KITCHEN, the POST ROOM area, TOILETS.  In all these situations our advice is to ensure you do not stay in these areas any longer than necessary, consider other users in these spaces and be prepared to move in and around these spaces to enable other users. Information on these areas is displayed at the entrance. Each area also has a CAUTION notice as a visual reminder.

In all situations, the staff and tenants at Workspace can and will try to help if you are unsure about procedures.


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