So what do you call your new website?

You should be aware that the 'weight' Google gives to keywords used in a domain name has been decreased through over use. However using your own, company name, brand name or product line are definitely worth consideration. Don't forgot the fundamental what domain extension whether etc.

Domain registrars will love to sell you a whole range of names but currently I'd recommend considering using a uk domain name if you and your customers are based in the UK, if you're aiming globally .com other extensions such as .co are actually country domains (co is Columbia, .it is for Italy) so why having a specific extension may look good on paper you don't want search engines to think you're focusing your business on Columbia.

Recently there's been talk on the length of domain name registration having a bearing on your 'site ranking' paying for 10 years is more of a commitment than 1 or 2 years.

Don't forget to purchase both  the .com, you wouldn't want another company perhaps operating from overseas selling similar products to yourself with the same domain name.


dated: 18/9/2014

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