As the 'website industry' grows at an ever increasing pace, how does the small business without a dedicated 'IT' resource cope?

Luckily there's companies such as ourselves that are able to be on hand to advise, adapt and monitor your website profile.

Think you're up to date, got a grip of the last round of Google algorithmic changes? You know they're being constantly updated...
Upgraded you google advertising to include re-marketing? Excellent.

Aware that having a separate 'mobile friendly site' may not be the best approach?
Still working on making your website better to navigate on a smaller mobile device, well keep focused because Google recently announced that it may start penalising sites that aren't 'mobile friendly' from mid April.

Or are you getting a little side tracked by 'social media'?
Have an expert on-board, great but have you measured the traffic from your expertly updated social media sites?
Checked a few profiles to ensure your experts are attracting potential clients/customers or are you finding a number of rather empty profiles (yes you can buy 'likes'), even perhaps other 'social media expert types' liking your pages.

Ok so your numbers have increased you marketing budget decreased but has your business increased, checkout your analytics to see if those resources are driving traffic to your website or calling those enquiry numbers posted on your social media sites.

Yes people post with more regularity than 1-2 years ago, but are you falling into the 'advised' trap of posting for the sake of posting rather sharing news of something others would find interesting?
Shouldn't the old saying of website content is king actually apply to business related posts on your social media pages? Or do you want to know that I'm having a tea break and c n't press the   key  ny more bec use there's a pesky biscuit crumb stuck underne th it!

Steve Breeson

Earthly Gems IT

Dated: 10/3/15

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