Making Tax Digital

Did you know that every UK individual and Business has their own digital tax account?

This is part of the process towards the April 2019 roll-out of making tax digital. A piece of legislation that will go some way to "HMRC’s ambition is to become one of the most digitally advanced tax administrations in the world, modernising the tax system to make it more effective, more efficient and easier for customers to comply."

The April 2019 date is for VAT obligations only and applies to companies that have turnover over the VAT threshold. Other companies can use the system on a voluntary basis.

If you want to know more about Making Tax Digital (MTD) you can visit the .Gov website by clicking here.

You may also want to add Friday 21st September 2pm to your diary. As local Chartered Account Polly Lee will be running a short talk followed by a Q&A session on MTD here at Workspace House (PE2 7JE) . Spaces are very limited so if you do want to learn more email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Workspace House, 28/29 Maxwell Road. Peterborough. PE2 7JE.

Promotional Diaries

Diaries are an ideal promotion to keep your name in your customer's hand throughout the year. Diary ranges are now vast and can be tailored to suit you corporate requirements. We can supply pocket diaries up to desk diaries personalised and printed with special page of product or company information. Pocket diaries come in a range of coverings from baladek, hardback diaries to pure leather and soft covering allowing embossing of your logo or design as well as traditional foil blocking. You can add special features such as ribbon markers in to the diary as well as metal corners, world and UK maps, extra pages for notes or pockets to hold information.

Building an Extension

Having a measured survey undertaken....

This an essential part of the process, even for a small extension.
The Architectural Designer is then able to draw the existing building, to scale, to show existing and proposed plans and elevations for the Planning Consent. If its a new build, a survey of the available land is required to enable a proportioned and scaled plan of the new proposed building. These technical drawings should also be followed accurately by the Building Contractor and used to support the Building Regulation Application.

Website Name?

So what do you call your new website?

You should be aware that the 'weight' Google gives to keywords used in a domain name has been decreased through over use. However using your own, company name, brand name or product line are definitely worth consideration. Don't forgot the fundamental what domain extension whether etc.

Domain registrars will love to sell you a whole range of names but currently I'd recommend considering using a uk domain name if you and your customers are based in the UK, if you're aiming globally .com other extensions such as .co are actually country domains (co is Columbia, .it is for Italy) so why having a specific extension may look good on paper you don't want search engines to think you're focusing your business on Columbia.

Recently there's been talk on the length of domain name registration having a bearing on your 'site ranking' paying for 10 years is more of a commitment than 1 or 2 years.

Don't forget to purchase both  the .com, you wouldn't want another company perhaps operating from overseas selling similar products to yourself with the same domain name.


dated: 18/9/2014

Google Access

So have you received a complaint from Google that they couldn't access some of your website files?

Did you take action or ignore it?

Well Google is trying to better understand your site structure for its own ranking purposes, so you really do need to take note and allow Googles bots access to further areas of your website.

We recently announced the change to our customers, one who is redeveloping their website choose not to make any changes because they had a replacement site being developed, 5 months on they're yet to launch their new site but more interesting is that their visitors numbers have declined.

Whenever Google openly send you an advisory it is a call to action, most of the time everyone is trying to figure out their strategies, have it thrust in front of you - it's important!

Website Up To Date?

As the 'website industry' grows at an ever increasing pace, how does the small business without a dedicated 'IT' resource cope?

Luckily there's companies such as ourselves that are able to be on hand to advise, adapt and monitor your website profile.

Think you're up to date, got a grip of the last round of Google algorithmic changes? You know they're being constantly updated...
Upgraded you google advertising to include re-marketing? Excellent.

Aware that having a separate 'mobile friendly site' may not be the best approach?
Still working on making your website better to navigate on a smaller mobile device, well keep focused because Google recently announced that it may start penalising sites that aren't 'mobile friendly' from mid April.

Or are you getting a little side tracked by 'social media'?
Have an expert on-board, great but have you measured the traffic from your expertly updated social media sites?
Checked a few profiles to ensure your experts are attracting potential clients/customers or are you finding a number of rather empty profiles (yes you can buy 'likes'), even perhaps other 'social media expert types' liking your pages.

Ok so your numbers have increased you marketing budget decreased but has your business increased, checkout your analytics to see if those resources are driving traffic to your website or calling those enquiry numbers posted on your social media sites.

Yes people post with more regularity than 1-2 years ago, but are you falling into the 'advised' trap of posting for the sake of posting rather sharing news of something others would find interesting?
Shouldn't the old saying of website content is king actually apply to business related posts on your social media pages? Or do you want to know that I'm having a tea break and c n't press the   key  ny more bec use there's a pesky biscuit crumb stuck underne th it!

Steve Breeson

Earthly Gems IT

Dated: 10/3/15

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