Newsletter - December 2010

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Christmas and New Year edition of our newsletter.

So another year almost done - a year where, in UK business sector as a whole, some have prospered, some have held their own and some have struggled but survived. As for Peterborough Workspace, which is a microcosm of the UK business world, some businesses continue to find the present economic environment challenging, however, others are looking for ways to progress their businesses to take advantage of these same challenging conditions. Some are looking to add quality staff who may not have been available some months earlier, at least on the current attractive terms, and are also repositioning their businesses to gain greater market share or, indeed move into new areas of business.

During the year we have remained virtually full with turnover of businesses being perhaps lower than in previous years. At the time of writing we have two vacant units although there is healthy interest in all units as they become available. So, if you are interested in low cost office and/or workshop accommodation in an environment which can help your business to prosper, then please have a look at the “available space” part of our website or, preferably, give us a call and/or come in and see us.

Various members of staff and tenants recently attended the Peterborough Supply Chain Network Launch Event which was very useful in helping find out more about the council's procurement policies as well as what help is available to increase efficiency and make better use of resources. After a follow up event, Daral Brennan, who trades as Mr Vinyl, successfully applied to become an Investor in the Environment. Daral is now working towards a full Green accreditation - the highest award available. Accreditation for Mr Vinyl could mean more business from companies/organisations looking to use businesses that have accredited green credentials, Peterborough City Council being one such organisation. Very often nowadays, when tendering for a contact, businesses have to show and prove their environmental or “green” credentials which means more than just using recycled photocopying paper! So obtaining accreditation should be a “win-win” situation - the possibility of obtaining more business whilst also helping protect the environment and we wish Daral every success in his endeavours. Daral's website is and if you would like to know more about Investors in the Environment why not try their website

Regular readers of this newsletter will appreciate the contributions on many and varied matters that Peter Mulhall of Business Link has provided. Sadly for us Peter has now moved on to pastures new and we wish him every success in his future career.  He will be sadly missed by both past and present tenants of Workspace House to whom he has provided invaluable, wise advice over the years. Peter did leave us with one last article in which he returns to his theme of planning business. As ever a recommended read.

Peterborough Workspace is ideal for start up and new businesses, particularly those who operate from home who want to get to the next level. Even if our available units may not suit at this time, please feel free to call me or come in for a chat to see how we may be able to help in the future.

Have a great Christmas and a wonderful and prosperous New Year.

David Newman
Project Director
tel: 01733 390707

Newsletter - August 2010

Welcome to the August edition of Peterborough Workspace Newsletter.

Since our last newsletter, we continue to be pleasingly, virtually full with some internal movement and one new business joining us, Oxbridge Technology, about whom more later. One thing that has been noticeable given the ongoing debate about where we actually are in the economic recovery is the increase in the number of enquiries we have been receiving which looks like excellent news for the area.

As mentioned above Oxbridge Technology is the latest company to move into Workspace House. Director Ian Watkins and his three colleagues work with companies whose technology is vital to their business by maximising reliability, availability and usability of their clients systems. They do this through a combination of proactive monitoring, maintenance and working with their clients to provide them with IT and Telephony systems that enable them to forget about their technology and get on with running their businesses.

Ian said, “being an IT company we had lots of servers and other IT equipment which was housed in a large server cabinet. Not only did this take up a lot of space, it also generated a lot of heat and noise”. In the last twelve months Ian has seen a lot of changes in the way that Oxbridge Technology's clients get the IT Services that they need to run their business. “We have been able to leverage those same changes for our business and cut our costs significantly in the process," he continues. "We are now using Cloud Services for our file storage rather than a local server and a hosted system for our telephones. By using these in our business we have significantly cut our costs, the space needed for our IT systems and have moved office easily and with relatively little pain! David and his team at Workspace House have made it even easier!” Contact Ian and his team at

Here at Workspace House we like to see a healthy movement of businesses which usually means that we have meet our aim to help businesses grow and then move on to perhaps bigger and, dare we say, better premises. At the moment we have project team with us under the name of GPL Product Technology. Technical Director Michael Reid said “Other tenants may have noticed the dusty footprints appearing in the corridor nearest the coffee machine like the invisible man or mysterious white coated figures carrying bowls and buckets around. The cause of this is the novel new material that we have been developing in unit 72.

This project, supported by the Centre for Sustainable Engineering is to find a replacement for plastics which use the world's diminishing supplies of oil in large quantities and contribute to global warming and the large amount of landfill that still goes on.

Using only easily available minerals we have started to get products that are suitable for use. As Edison said “It is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” when developing something new and the last three years of hard work have demonstrated that very clearly.

Our work is increasing steadily and in the near future we will have to be looking for something larger so I would like to thank Peterborough Workspace treating us with patience and giving us a place to get started.”

So at some stage in the not too distant future, we may be saying a fond farewell to this business and looking for another new business to join us and hopefully prosper. GPL illustrates that Peterborough Workspace is ideal for start up and new businesses, particularly those who operate from home who want to get to the next level. Even if our available units may not suit at this time, please feel free to call me or come in for a chat to see how we may be able to help in the future.

This month Peter Mulhall of Business Link has provided some more thoughts on selling, which as ever are very relevant to people working in small businesses particularly. As ever, well worth spending time going through and my thanks as ever to Peter for producing the article for us.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

David Newman
Project Director
tel: 01733 390707

Newsletter - April 2010

Welcome to the April edition of the Peterborough Workspace Newsletter.

During March we have welcomed to Workspace House, Karen Hawkins trading as Ceilings R Us, supplying materials for suspended ceilings etc. and also arranging fitting if required. We also welcomed John Woolley who is starting a company called Easy 4 U offering training to the potential “silver surfer” market plus general computer support and maintenance.

We had two businesses move out of Workspace House in March, one moving their operation to London and the other consolidating their operation in a larger building. This type of activity is very natural. In the last twelve months 21 businesses have moved in and an equal number have moved out. The turnover of businesses is healthy and it is good to see businesses grow and prosper. The good news is that we have two units available but they may be taken quite quickly given that there has been a very pleasing uplift in the number of enquiries we have had from potential tenants over this quarter.

Ian and Lorraine of i-lid Designs have had a busy few months and have seen the market pick up in the architectural and interior design field after a difficult period. They have gained several new design contracts in the last few weeks. The first was a new indoor market in Walton for a local company which is being launched in the local press at the moment. The second was the interior design package for a multi-million pound dwelling in Rutland due for completion Aug 2010. Finally, they have been commissioned to redesign a restaurant called Masons in Brentwood Essex. This is their 3rd commission for this particular client.

One of i-lid's projects reached completion this month with the opening of the second private dental practice they have designed called the 'Orange Pepper Clinic' in Netherton, Peterborough. The great thing about this project was the involvement of three other Workspace companies - Rose Fire Engineering, Mark 2 Security and MSS UK Ltd. - who all provided their services to help build this expanding brand.

Daral Brennan trading as Mr. Vinyl, another tenant at Workspace House, provides digital print solutions to businesses and has proved that despite current economic concerns, small businesses are still willing to help the local community. Mr. Vinyl has just started to sponsor the recently formed Yaxley Infants FC Under 7 Football Team and their enthusiasm was plain to see as they proudly displayed their new kit.

Sarah Hall, also from Mister Vinyl said: “It's a pleasure to sponsor Yaxley Infants FC. I wish them every success in their first ever season. Although our sponsorship normally extends to the world of motorsport, it's the first infant football team we have ever sponsored and it's a very exciting time. We provided the whole kit and designed and printed it ourselves. We will also provide team merchandise to help the team raise vital funds.”

I've been particularly pleased that, during February and March businesses within Workspace have taken on four apprentices thus helping young people into work, most for the first time, in what are still difficult economic times. This is a major part of what Workspace is about.

So, I think the events of the last month or so outlined above go some way to showing what we at Peterborough Workspace are trying to achieve and the way we try and support all businesses here - from companies here seeing their markets and their business flows begin to pick up again; to working collaboratively to bring worthwhile projects to satisfactory conclusions; to looking outwards to help the local community, and, particularly, helping to create jobs, particularly for young people within Peterborough.

If you think that Peterborough Workspace is somewhere from where you would consider running your start up or new business, then, even if our available units may not suit at this time why not give me a call or come in for a chat to see how we may be able to help in the future. Even if you don't take up residence here we have a wealth of information and contacts which we will be happy to share with you and help you progress your business. Even if your company has moved on from its fledgling days but you know people who are just setting out in business then, again, please pass the Workspace details to them.

Finally, Peter Mulhall of Business Link has done his usual sterling job by providing a further article designed to help small businesses and this month the article deals with “e-mail marketing together with a few legal rules”. Really useful stuff and something I will be reviewing before writing future newsletters!

I hope you all have a busy and fruitful month.

David Newman
Project Director
tel: 01733 390707

Newsletter - June 2010

Welcome to the June edition of the Peterborough Workspace Newsletter.

May has proved to be a rather peaceful month on the tenancy front with no one either moving in or leaving us. If you are interested in low cost office and/or workshop accommodation, then please have a look at the “available space” part of our website or, preferably, give us a call and/or come in and see us.

During May we were featured in the "Your Peterborough" magazine which is delivered to every home in Peterborough - if you want another view of Peterborough Workspace go online at to download the PDF where we are on pages 16 and 17.

It's very pleasing to note that despite what are still difficult economic conditions, businesses at Peterborough Workspace still continue to progress and prosper. One of our businesses, Cambridge Medical Aesthetics, initially distributed medical devices and surgical products to the healthcare profession. With research and development, they later decided to manufacture their own medical devices and pharmaceuticals which requires a huge amount of research data to be generated in addition to the validation of manufacturing processes by appropriate authorities to safeguard the public.

The first batch of Cambridge Medical Aesthetics first product called Uma Jeunesse an injectable medical device for the correction of facial lines was manufactured and started clinical trials last year. In April, Uma Jeunesse was granted a European validation certificate which means that the product can now be brought to the market. Cambridge Medical Aesthetics are working on other products which will be manufactured, validated and brought to the market in due course but it is really pleasing that a small British player in a field of giant companies is doing so well.

Daral Brennan trading as Mr Vinyl has also had some great news recently. The company has just been appointed as sole supplier of all merchandise to modified car club event organisers OneNation.Cruise. They have a massive culture following and are recognised by leading car modification magazines Max Power and Fast Car to name but two.

Daral said: “After lengthy negotiations, we are delighted to be sole merchandise suppliers to OneNation. This will involve printing and supplying T-Shirts, hoodies, caps, car stickers, merchandise and of course vehicle graphics and wraps. Mister Vinyl will also be in attendance at all events to sell this merchandise directly to members and the public. We are also rolling out a complete mail order service just to cater for their members that can't get to us.”

OneNation's founder and events organiser SilvaD said: "Mister Vinyl was our first choice to supply our merchandise and vehicle graphics. They are gaining a decent reputation within the car modification market through their work for Max Power magazine. This is what our member's want - a reliable, professional designer and printer able to produce great products.

I was absolutely delighted to learn that we have another apprentice in Workspace House - the fifth in the last few months. PCM Systems & Services have recently welcomed Alex Nickson to the fold and he has already proved himself to be a vital part of their growing team after just one week of working. Naturally we all wish him every success in his new role.

PCM provide IP Surveillance Network cameras and access control. These cameras can be viewed via an internet connection from wherever you are in the world, giving you the option to keep an eye on your business premises/ home even whilst you're away. These professional surveillance cameras differ from webcams as they are completely independent devices on your Local Area Network (LAN).

PCM have successfully installed networks for various sectors such as retail, transport, education and the financial services industry, and have recently completed a project for an existing customer in their new Cygnet Park offices, installing over 100 data outlet points.

PCM can advise you on the best network camera solution for your specific needs so if you think they can help please contact them through their website.

Please have a look at Peter Mulhall of Business Link's article below about how you could think about linking your marketing to your sales processes. I think this could start some beneficial thought processes for some. Once again my thanks to Peter for producing such a useful article for us.

Peterborough Workspace is ideal for start up and new businesses, particularly those who operate from home who want to get to the next level. Even if our available units may not suit at this time, please feel free to call me or come in for a chat to see how we may be able to help in the future.

David Newman
Project Director
tel: 01733 390707

Newsletter - March 2010

Welcome to the March edition of the Peterborough Workspace Newsletter.

During February we have welcomed D and T Filters to Workspace House who have taken two units and we have also seen some further expansion by existing tenants. No one has left us during February so, at present, we have two units vacant, details of which can be seen on our available space page.

Not only have we seen expansion from existing tenants, we have already started to see some very worthwhile joint initiatives between tenants here, something that we are very keen to develop and encourage here at Workspace House.

During February, we welcomed Sharon Craft of Crafty Marketing here. Crafty Marketing is itself a start up/new business and Sharon gave a very upbeat presentation to a number of our tenants covering the use of websites to develop business, particularly the dark art of Search Engine Optimisation and very interestingly, how some of the new social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook can be used to link to your website and help you obtain leads for new business. Very enlightening (particularly to those who are still dragging themselves into the modern on-line world!) and well received by those present resulting in the potential for some good business for Sharon.

We held another combined lunch and tenant's meeting this month. There was some great debate and ideas coming forward over what we can do to help develop Workspace itself but also what we can do to help the various businesses here to "live long and prosper" in what are still uncertain times. Part of this will be to continue to try and find ways for people here to work together on joint initiatives to move their businesses forward.

As ever I am grateful to Peter Mulhall of Business Link for providing a further article designed to help small businesses with their all important marketing ideas. This month's article introduces “Digital Marketing” and goes on to give a little insight into blogging - please click on the link to access the article.

Peterborough Workspace is ideal for those businesses working from home who want to get to the next level. If you are aware of any such business which would benefit from the services which we provide please refer them directly to me.

David Newman
Project Director
tel: 01733 390707

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