Positive Stories in Difficult Times

For many, the last few months have been nothing short of horrific. Setting aside personal issues, many businesses have not been able to adapt or cope with the sheer scale of challenges they faced as the coronavirus wreaked havoc amongst businesses. Big or small, there is not one business that hasn't had to change the way they work over the past few months or worse, had to think 'What happens if.....'. We can all roll off a list of established, well known brands and companies that have collapsed and failed. 

Even now, as we contemplate the fact it is already August, no one can say for certain what the next few months will bring. Any business that is still trading at the end (?) of this period thoroughly deserves recognition. Anyone starting or making changes to allow for growth even more so.

With all this in mind, it is great to announce that we have, not one, not two but THREE new tenants this month. Even in previous times three tenants joining us in a month was not that common.

First to take the plunge was Loti Fuster-Bradley and her crafting business - Mama Makes. Like so many of our tenants - current and previous - Mama Makes started on the kitchen table and has gradually expanded to the point where it couldn't be contained at home. This stage in a business is always difficult as the jump from low-cost/zero-cost home office to paid office or workspace is a big jump and hits the bottom line until the extra space and services can begin to pay for themselves. The decision was even more difficutl for Loti, as Mama Makes has been built alongside her existing main work as a Producer for TV channel Hochanda. But for Loti the time was right and she was able to secure one of our smaller serviced workspaces that offered her double the space at home and all the necessary services.

As for the business itself, Mama Makes is a craft business that sells patterned papers, metal dies, washi tapes, ink sprays, storage, acrylic blocks and more on their very own website www.mamamakesstore.co.uk

The second new business to join us at Workspace is owned by Julie Newport, a former tenant who has returned with a new business idea that builds upon her first project here; Ditsy Home Craft. The Little Toucan is an online retailer of exquisite home decor products that uses Julie's experience and eye for detail to source and supply quality home furnishing products. The Little Toucan is a very new business, so new the website has not yet been launched. Bookmark www.littletoucan.co.uk and make sure to check it out when it goes live.

Our third and final new tenant is a great example of how Workspace creates the right working atmosphere for new business start-ups, growing businesses and entrepreneurs - existing and budding. Even before the ink had dried on the contract Loti from Mama Makes was singing our praises and referred one of her contacts to us as the solution to her growing home business. Sarah Payne is an established publisher, speaker, arts and craft business owner and regularly hosts a TV slot on the Create & Craft TV channel. Sarah is bringing her quilting business and other projects to Workspace and you can get the full picture of Sarah on her website - www.sarahpayne.co.uk .

Three new tenants, all with a big emphasis of online retail, looking to grow and capitalise on the changing retail landscape. All three have the capacity and potential to grow and succeed to the point where they can leave Workspace and occupy their own premises - ideally within the Peterborough area - and follow in the footsteps of other success tenants.

Workspace is nearly full, but if like Loti, Julie & Sarah, you're running a business from home and you want to see how far you can take it, get in touch and we will be happy to see if we've got what you need here at Workspace. You can call us on 01733 390707 or email me, James O'Rawe, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




 One local business, and tenant at Workspace, that is also busy is electrical contractor EML Electrical Ltd. Being a business that provides a physical service that can't be done from home or remotely, the team have had to undertake massive changes to their standard operating procedures adding extra guidelines, advice and equipment for staff and clients to enable them to remain safe.

Owner, Mark Brear, has been proactive and quick to adapt to the challenges faced by contractors and as a result of this activity his business has, during lockdown, continued to grow and succeed. First of all they outgrew their serviced offices here at Workspace and merged with an empty unit to increase their floorspace by 50%. This move has allowed the business to divide their floorspace and create dedicated office, tools & storage spaces enabling them to work more efficiently.

Also, as they have continued to work with existing clients and secure new contracts the team is looking to expand. Mark has previously invested in apprentices, a move that benefited young, new staff looking to make their mark in the industry whilst underpinning Mark's belief in supporting the next generation of engineers and business owners. Now the business is looking to add to its existing staff or sub-contractors to enable them to grow further still. Anyone, whether it's an electrician looking to join a young, dynamic business or sub-contractor seeking the next project, should get in touch with the EML Electrical Ltd office by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can find out more about the business itself via their website  https://www.emlelectrical.co.uk/.

EML Electrical Ltd have been a tenant at Workspace House for two years now and in that time they have moved and merged units at Workspace House a couple of times as they have grown. This ability to relocate within the same space - keeping the same address, along with the flexibility to adapt the space to fit the individual business needs is one of the several key benefits of our fully serviced offices and workspaces. If like Mark and his team, you are running your own business and want to work and operate in an environment that encourages growth and offers support not just an office, get in touch and make an appointment (we're open so we can have you here or we'll arrange a video call if it's easier).

Call us on 01733 390707 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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