Busy times at Workspace

It seems that Peterborough entrepreneurs are making 2019 the year they decide to up their game, follow their dream or start their side hustles as Workspace House continues to take on new tenants and virtual tenants.

So if like any of the businesses below you are looking to start up a business from home but want the privacy and security of a virtual tenancy with a professional commercial address or you are looking for serviced office or workspaces in Peterborough to allow your business to grow don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be glad to help you.

Our virtual tenant (mailbox) service is growing and at the start of April we welcomed three diverse new virtual office tenants: 


from a new digital media company that focus on SEO and Facebook advertising. Please Digital Media Solutions works very closely with its clients and uses its knowledge and skills to create individual, targeted marketing strategies and campaigns that aim to ensure quality results time and time again.

Recognising more and more clients were needing to improve their results from local searches such as 'serviced offices near me' or 'tattoo artist near me' PleaseDigital felt that moving from a home address to a virtual commercial address here at Workspace House put themselves in a far better position when promoting their own services.

The business also helps clients with Facebook advertising, from research to audience segmentation, re-targeting, landing pages and much more. As they themselves say on their website "we love getting the cogs all fitting right, working as they should".

If you want to find out more about PleaseDigital use the links below:


facebook - @pleasedigital


Magnotherapy for Health

...is owned and run by Nikki Pepper who has been retailing magnotherapy products since 1997. As a open minded sceptic, Nikki saw the benefits in the products herself while 'trying to prove it didn't work' and then also saw the significant benefits felt by friends and family.The nature of the product means that word of mouth is the key driver for new clients.

Nikki has now decided the time was right for a commercial address so she could take full advantage of GoogleMyBusiness as well as improve her SEO. Our virtual tenant service is perfect for Nikki as it means that her home address and location remain private and she can boost her SEO by ensuring her new business address features on search directories that she had previously not featured in.

Nikki has customers from all over the UK and further afield, she can even boast a glowing review from 'Santa Claus, North Pole' saying... 'It really works!'

Magnotherapy for Health is making plans to add new products through the next 12 months including a sports range and additional product options for horse owners.

If you are curious to know more, you can contact Nikki via her website https://www.magnotherapyforhealth.co.uk/

Activus Tracking 

The most recent virtual tenant to join Workspace House is GPS tracking provider that can boast a diverse range of clients including clients based in the USA and Caribbean. Currently there are Activus Tracking devices fitted to cars, vans, lorries, motorcycles, boats, agricultural machinery, mobility scooters, dogs and coming soon to dementia sufferers.

We constantly upgrade our existing products and launch new ones to meet expectations of our customers. and although an independent supplier, Activus Tracking is also an authorised global distributor for Teltonika devices.

To find out more about Activus and their products and services visit 


We are also welcoming two new businesses that have decided to relocate their businesses to our serviced offices and workspaces.  

Rose Beauty

Started in 2014 by owner Natalie Rose, Rose Beauty was started with the aim of giving their clients the most relaxing & luxurious experience they could. At present Rose Beauty offer lash, brow, skincare, makeup and nail treatments but Natalie is constantly looking and researching for additional products and services that can bring added value to her business and enhance the customer experience.

Natalie, decided to move into Workspace House as our value driven offer meant she was able to secure a large serviced workspace - significantly larger than her previous space - that gave her the space she needs now but also space to expand as she grows the business.

An appointment based business also means that Natalie did not have to locate her business in a high footfall area, which often attract higher costs but also restrictions on use. Again the benefits of a serviced workspace with 24hr access and full CCTV helped Natalie decide that Workspace House could work for her.

To follow Rose Beauty search for @rosebeautyuk on both Facebook & Instagram


Although a new business, our next new tenant is already an Award winning business!

Very Craftea, specialise in socially responsible loose leaf tea and craft kits created by Tasnime Jennings. Originally operating from residential premises Very Craftea has been searching for a unique commercial space that was small in size and this proved more of challenge that first thought. The answer, following a number of discussions, was to create a micro office and workspace here at Workspace House!

What makes Very Craftea stand out is that the business is more than just selling, and aims to help its suppliers. For example,  for the tea they use, they decided to work with a single supplier who, to quote Tasnime, " ... give 50% of their profits to address the issue of educational development in and around the under-served tea growing region of Darjeeling, so the more tea I sell, the more money can go towards projects to help. This money goes direct to the people it affects, not to a big corporation."

The craft kits also have a collaborative approach. The kits are complete kits (apparently something that is not always the case for the majority of craft kits) that are sourced from women who run their own businesses here in the UK, giving them support and awareness. The business is looking to expand the craft range and Very Craftea are always looking to source new suppliers.

If you want to find out more about VeryCraftea or follow them use the links below:

Craftea website - https://www.verycraftea.co.uk/
twitter: https://twitter.com/VeryCraftea
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/VeryCraftea/
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VeryCraftea


With our virtual tenant services starting from just £25 plus VAT per month and serviced office and workspaces available from as low as less than £285 plus VAT a month, don't hesitate to call, email or drop in to see how we can help you and your business grow.

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