Public artwork taking shape at Workspace.

Commissioned Sculptor becomes our next tenant.


Established artist (and physicist) Jasmine Pradissitto has become our next tenant at Workspace House whilst she works on a major new public installation. The artwork is being created using an amazing polymer that actually absorbs nitrogen dioxide and it was the use of this material that led Jasmine to Workspace.

Alsitek, creators of the material in question, are a successful Peterborough based business that originally started in....... Workspace House, and are still based nearby. And so, it made sense for Jasmine to be based near to her supplier and that meant Workspace House.

The sculpture itself is to be permanently sited in London (Camden People's Theatre - NW1 2PY)  and is the result of a collaboration between Jasmine, the Mayor of London, Euston Green Link, MTArtAgency and is being supported and sponsored by Alsitek. Hopefully we will be able to post updates on the artwork as it is created and you can find out more about how this artwork came to be, Jasmine herself and the other works she has created at


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