Chocolate Maker Moves in to Workspace House.  

Space & facilities prove to be a big attraction for our latest tenant.


Owner, entrepreneur and chocolate creator, Tiffany Nicholls has decided the time is right to scale up her kitchen based chocolate business and has chosen to join us here at Workspace House.

The business has been operating for almost a year and what started out as a supplement to another existing business started by Tiffany, has rapidly outgrown her kitchen and home. The attraction of a dedicated workspace away from home with an already established business community, appealed greatly to Tiffany.

With Christmas not that far away it is a busy time for ChunkyDunkChocs, but Tiffany already has plans to grow the business starting early next year.

You can see what is on offer via the website - and if you are looking for any Christmas ideas there is a dedicated section HERE.


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