Elastoclass goes digital with website launch - elastoclass.co.uk



Launching a new business can be a busy, hectic and stressful process, however it is important to recognise key moments along the journey. For one of our newer tenants, today is one of those days.

Elastoclass First Aid Training Ltd have launched their website promoting the full range of training courses they offer. The site - elastoclass.co.uk - also provides valuable information about their e-learning services - a key part of the business plan. Adding a website was always part of their plan and whilst the company has already enjoyed great success in securing clients, the site gives them even greater reach and exposure.

When planning the website Elastoclass owner, Libby Rolfe, had a clear understanding of what services they offer but recognised the need for experience in actual website design and creation. Rather than go it alone and 'self-publish' they sought out an expert. For Elastoclass, that meant using local website creator Hal Palmer and his SimplySites service. However, as is often the case with small businesses and in a great example of the power of testimonials, Hal was also asked if he could recommend somewhere for Libby to run the business from and he didn't hesitate to suggest Workspace House. Hal is a former tenant of ours and it is pleasing that he found his time here beneficial and was willing to give a positive review of our service.

Armed with over ten years of hand-on experience as a registered nurse and now a new website to promote all aspects of her business, Libby is looking to source new clients. So, if you or your organisation require first-aid training make sure you visit the Elastoclass website or call Libby direct on 01733 369 170.




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