Need To Recruit a Member of Staff Part 2


I need to recruit a member of staff, how should I approach it?

Last month we started to look at the topic of staff recruitment. This month we look at the recruitment process, the interview itself and the induction.

So where do I look for possible recruits?

The most common sources are:

Advertising: local, regional press, free press, specialist journals etc. This is a wide area and needs careful thought regarding the cost effectiveness and suitability of the particular media. Advertising can range from an ad in the national press at one extreme to a card in the local newsagent's window at the other. It seems self-evident, but the key point is: that to be effective the ad needs to be placed where potential applicants are most likely to see it so research is needed.

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How to Motivate Staff

'If you want something doing well do it yourself' seems to apply around here. Why can't my staff be as enthusiastic and dedicated as me?

You own the business and the staff are employed by it, so it is not realistic to compare the two. However, getting the best out of staff and others around you is a valuable and necessary skill for a leader.

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