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Getting better results for less effort
Most advertising doesn't work - that is the message that I give to people. And, I will encourage using as many alternative marketing strategies as possible, to avoid placing expensive advertisements. There are many other ways of increasing your sales before resorting to advertisements.

However, many businesses thrive on advertising and that is the way they have built their business. What is it that works for some and not for others?

Here are some guidelines to follow on advertising:


  • Test and Measure - all your advertising efforts. Many businesses place advertisements simply because they've always done so, and they don't really track the results. You can only know if something is working if you can track the results and measure the number of customers and sales income from those advertisements.
  • Demand a Response - ALWAYS. As a small business, the most successful advertisements are those that demand a response. Get the customers to reply to a special offer or a free introductory gift. Don't waste your money on brand advertising - that's only for the big companies or small businesses that want to throw their money away.
  • Stop - all advertisements that are not working. Smart direct response advertisers will use the same advert once it has started to working and continue until it has exhausted its customer base.
  • Use a Compelling Headline - increases your response by as much as 100%. If you are placing your company logo or company name at the top of your advertisement, replace it with a headline that will attract attention to what it is that you are selling.
  • Give Benefits - to your readers in your sales copy. People are not interested in your product or service, they are only interested in what it will do for them.
  • Never - advertise on a left hand page, always on the right hand page. People are naturally drawn to read the right hand side of the page and far less likely to notice it on the left.
  • Personalise - your sales copy. Speak to your audience as if they are already your friend, and you want to tell them how they might benefit from your product or service.
  • Negotiate - a reduced payment for your advertisement. Often there is room to pay less than the standard rates. Sales teams selling advertisements will have deadlines and targets to meet. Sometimes leaving your advertisement as close to their deadline as possible will usually ensure a discount.

Advertising can be a very effective part of your marketing mix. It can also be your biggest loss of marketing budget if you don't know what you are doing. Look for other ways to make your marketing work for you and ensure any advertisements you do place work for you.

Wendy Howard
Spirit of Venus